Indian Philosophy applied to life : Joy is my nature 

Every living being without exception wants to be happy, peaceful, joyful, in harmony, in love and to be loved. 

Rishis, "Seers" of ancient India understood this completely, worked at it, found the solution and gave methodology to communicate this Truth. 

They realized that Joy is the nature of the Self.

Aanandoham, meaning I am Joy and Soham, meaning I am That, were revealed to the Rishis and recorded in the Vedas, the source books of all Indian Philosophies. We can utilize this ancient wisdom to find the purpose and fulfillment of life. 

The focus of this platform is on clarity, conviction, re-training the mind and developing the sensitivity of the heart. All of this is preparation to realize your true nature.


Of course you deserve to experience this. 


If you say that, I deserve and want to experience, that "Joy is my nature" and "Smile is my birthright" ... then this platform is for you. 


"About two and half decades ago,  I had existential questions and an intense longing "to know"  after my mother's sudden death.  This made me  dedicate my life to pursue the truth. This lead to study, learn, question, enquire and practice."   ~ Sudhir


Sudhir turned to the teachings of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga and to the teachings of  Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Buddha. 


In his wanderings as a monk, he had the privilege to study under revered
Swami Dayanand ji of Rishikesh and his amazing disciples. After 8 years as a celibate monk (Brahmachari) he met Veena in Rishikesh and they got married and moved to south India. He continued his full-time spiritual enquiry and practice for 11 more years. Thus he got the urge and confidence to share only after 19 (8 + 11) years of learning, practicing and internalization of this knowledge. From 2014, he continued sharing his insights and experience at Sampoorna yoga, Goa, an amazing place for yoga training. 

Clarity and Practice are  the two wings of spiritual flight. Intense urge is the engine. Dedication is the fuel.  Right teaching is the GPS and Flight Instrument System. Joy and Freedom are the high Skies in which you fly. You are the pilot of your aircraft. Learn these things properly. You are the boss : says Sudhir

Sudhir helps you to understand this, get inspired and experience your true nature of "Unconditional, Uninterrupted Joy". His teachings and method of teaching are rooted in his right learning, right practices and right traditions. He underwent many transformative experiences and that makes his teaching and methods applicable to our daily life. His technical background as a Mechanical Engineer and as a Total Quality Manager makes him very practical and systematic.  

For the last five years he is sharing and continue to share  this wisdom with thousands of students from all over the world.

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